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Redefining Your Point of Sale

Efficiently manage all orders, customers and inventory from all channels in one place with IkoMali all-in-one POS for Retail.

Mobile POS Power

Sales clerks can go anywhere and so can your stores, with IkoMali Point of Sale POS for Retail. No internet connection required. The POS will detect connection loss and automatically switch to offline mode so you never miss a transaction.

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Works Nicely With Your Other Tools

Ikomali POS for Retail quickly and easily integrates with Intuit QuickBooks ®, WooCommerce,  M-pesa, PesaPal, Ipay,  Shopify, Xero, and more.

Why Customers Love IkoMali

Simplify your business by managing all your Inventory, Orders and Customers from one system.

Grow your business by easily adding new sales channels like eBay, Amazon and more.

Cloud based software means you never need to worry about updating and maintaining the software. We handle it all for you.

Advanced customer support means you never need to worry. We’re here to help with whatever you need.

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